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Florida Board of Certified Investigators, Inc. - FCI Approved Training Instructors and Courses
Florida Board of Certified Investigators, Inc. - FCI Approved Training Instructors and Courses
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Florida Board of Certified Investigators, Inc. - FCI Approved Training Instructors and Courses Florida Board of Certified Investigators, Inc. - FCI Approved Training Instructors and Courses

FCI Approved Training Instructors and Courses

Since the FCI program was established in 1998, over 2000 training instructors and courses have evaluated and approved for FCI CEU credits.
Some of the more recently qualified instructors and courses are listed below by popular training topics.

          Topics                                        Instructors                      Course Titles
Abuse Judge Mel Grossman   Elder Abuse Task Force
  Kelly Riddle Robert Lockhart Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Abuse-Sexual Assault Harvey C. Shapiro   Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
  Jeffrey B. Maltzman   Interactive Workshop:A Case Involving Shipboard Sexual Assault
  Mark J. Murnan, CCDI CFE   Investigating Claims of Sexual Abuse
  Nellie King, P.A.   Sex Abuse Investigations
Accident Bob Rubin   Traffic Accident Investigations
  Dale R. Rush   All About Autos
  Henry C. Courten, Phd, Sc.D., FCI   Vehicle Accident Investigation
  James O. Harris   Automotive Crash Event Data Recorders
  Troy Flemming   Utilize the Nat'l Transportation Safety Board in Accidents
Accident - Product Defects Henry N. Didier, Jr., J. D.   Investigating Automobile Accidents with Product Defects
Accident-Aircraft Joaquin Medina III, CMI, FCI   Aircraft Accident Investigations
Accident-Crash Data Brian Barton   Downloading Crash Data from Late Model Vehicles& SDM's
  Chris Medwell   "Black Box" Investigations of Trucking Accidents
  J.W. "Jack" Murray, CFE, CLI   Vehicle Download and Crash Damage Analysis
  James W. Harbart, CLI, FCI   Automobile Black Box Computer Analysis
Accident-Internet J.W. "Jack" Murray, CFE, CLI   Using the Internet in Motor Vehicle Accident & Product Liability Investigations
Accident-Reconstruction Brian Barton   New Techniques in Traffic Crash Animations
  Chris Bloomberg Chris Medwell Accident Reconstruction
  James P. Anderson   Collecting Evidence for Future Accident Reconstructions
Accident-Reconstruction James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI   New Techniques in Traffic Crash Animations
Accident-Tractor Trailer J.W. "Jack" Murray, CFE, CLI   Tractor Trailer Underride Accidents
ADA- Disabilities Adam Schabel   Investigating Americans with Disabilities Act Violation
Adoption Bertie Hunt   Adoption Investigation
Bad Faith Cases J.W. "Jack" Murray, CFE, CLI   Bad Faith Cases: How to Get Them - How to Work Them
Business Bob Musser   Integrating the Investigative Office
  Brenda Prestigiacomo Rick Zeitler Business Insurance
  Charles J. Lukey   Invoicing for Maximum Profitability
  Dana Blakely   Business InfaStructure
  Jim Richards   Business Accounting
  John Waller   Helping Your Business Accept All Forms of Payment
  Kurt P. Stocker   Crisis Management for Executives
  Mark J. Murnan, CCDI CFE   Condition to Play, Position to Win
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS   Economic Outlook of the PI Profession
  William R. Schoepf, CPP   Business Essentials for PI's
Business Building Albert Perotti   Creating a Corporate Identity
  C. J. Bronstrup   Steamroller Marketing Techniques
  Diana Garren   How to Build a Business that Thrives-&-Business Services
  Jimmie N. Mesis   Building Your Business for Growth or Sale -&- Marketing Your PI Business -&- The Cold Call
  KC Poulin   Starting a Business With Only a Little Cash
  Keith Steele, CLI, FCI   Running a Successful P.I. Agency in the New Millenium
  Kelly E. Riddle   Growing a PI Business Through Added Services
  Richard "Bo" Dietl   Building A Successful Investigative Business
  Richard P. Harris, FCI   Marketing Strategies in the Private Sector
  Steven Kerry Brown   Increase Your Billing Rate to $500 an Hour!-&- Tips & Tricks to Make More Money & Work Less
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS   PI Agency Marketing and Growth Strategies
  Tony Rubleski   Marketing Mastery for Investigators
  Wayne Miles   Using the Web to Market Your PI Business
Ch 493 Florida Division of Licensing Representative   Statutory Compliance Under Chapter 493-&-Reciprocity Agreement Regulations
Ch 493-Intern Sponsorship Michelle M. Morton, FCI   Statutory Compliance & Training Guidelines for Intern Sponsorship
Ch 493-Surveillance Gene Marchese   Chapter 493 to the Surveillance Investigator
Ch 493-Unlicensed George Martin   Reporting Unlicensed Activity
Ch 493-Violations Benjamin E.Poitevent, Esq.   Chapter 493 Disciplinary Process and Your Rights-&- Protecting Your License
Civil Processing Alan Crowe Dana Bishop Process Serving for Investigators
  Jean Krall & John Seeback   Services of Non-Enforceable Judicial Process
Communications Lynn M. Bellin   Company Wide Communications
Computer Corey Friedman   Telecom Based Investigation
  Roy Miller   The Computer - An essential Tool for Today's Investigator
  Stephen Pearson Thomas Eskridge High Tech Crime Investigations
  Tony Bonacum   Computer Link
Computer Forensics Brian K. Ingram, B. S.   Email Tracing and Internet Investigation Trends
  Charles E. Davis, MA   Computer Forensics & High Tech Inv
  Donald Delaney   Computer Crime Forensic Software-&-Investigating High Tech Crime
  Gregory Leibolt, FCI   Computer Forensics & Computer Searching
  Jeff Herig Kevin J. Ripa Computer Crime Forensics
  Warren Kruse William Crowley Computer Forensic Toolkit
Computer Security Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM   Internet Research and Computer Security
  Donald Delaney Gregory Leibolt, FCI Understanding Computer Security
  Mike Gledhill   Computer-Related Crime, Investigations & Security
Computer Software James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI   Power Point in Investigations
Contract Law Bogden Rentea, Attorney At Law   Hold Harmless Agreements - Who Do They Protect
  Pete Molinelli, Phil Kantor   Legal Aspects of Contracting-Business Relations
  Scott Swope, PA   Contract Law & Asset Protection
Counterfeit Products Eric Berger   Anti-Counterfeit Product Investigations
  Rande Matteson   Anti-Counterfeit Investigations
  Rande Matteson   Commodity Diversion Presentation
Counter-measures David G. McCall   High Tech Surveillance and Counterespionage
  Kevin Murray   TSCM Eavesdropping Detection
  Mike Peros   Digital Technical Surveillance, Wiretap, & Bug Detection-&- Privacy Electronics
  Ron Asserello   TSCM, For the Non-Technical
Courtroom Aimee Nocero, Esq.Allan Vander Chris Cook Examinations Under Oath
  Bradley A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Eyewitness Testimony
  Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter   Child Witnesses: Legal Dilemnas & Solutions
  Honorable TerryTerrell, Circuit Judge   The Investigator in Court-Legislative Updates
  Judge Andrew Napolitano Ron Smith Courtroom Testimony Techniques
  Judge Doug Henderson   Roles & Responsibilities of the Judge in Civil & Criminal Cases
  Judge Heather Higbee   Investigators & the Court System
  Richard P. Harris, FCI Sam C. Caliendo, Esq Preparing and Testifying at Depositions and Trials

Crime Scene Carolyn Stephens   PPD Crime Scene Investigation
  Jan Johnson, ESCO Crime Scene   Crime Scene Investigation: Escambia County
  Stephen C. Warren   Crime Scene Photography
Criminal Defense Ann Christrian   Indigent Defense Update
  Bradley A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Court Appointed Investigations-&-Criminal Defense Case Management
  Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Critical Thinking for the Criminal Investigator-&-Uncovering Reasonable Doubt
  Brian P. McGuinness, CLI, CFE, FCI Patrick McGuinness Defense Investigation & Trial Tactics-&- Criminal Defense Investigations
  Dr. Richard Grego, CCDI, CPE   The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigations-&-Uncovering Reasonable Doubt
  Funk Szachacz   Investigator's Role in Criminal Defense
  George Marshall   Court Appointed Investigators, What is the Process?
  Hank NealJay Jacome Kelly Sims, Esq. Criminal Defense Investigations
  John Lajoie   Investigator-Attorney Relationship in Criminal Defense Investigations
  Mark J. Murnan, CCDI, CFE, FCI Losi W. Gordy Criminal Defense Investigation
  Mark Seiden   The Role of the Private Investigator in Criminal Defense Cases
  Rory McMahon, CCDI, CLI, FCI   Defense Investigations-&-In Defense of Liberty 7-Alleged Al Qaeda Terrorist
  Stephen A. Craig   Criminal Defense Investigations
Death Penalty Bill Kurtis   The Death Penalty on Trial
Digital Evidence David Barnes   Digital Image Quality-&-Digital Imaging as an Investigative Technique
  Gavin Manes PhD   Ditigal Forensic Applications
  James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI   Using Digital Photography in Investigations
  Jeffrey Tyson   Electronic Evidence & Digital Discovery
  Tom Owen   Audio & Video Enhancement
DIU Defense Kerry Farney, CLI, CCDI, CII, FCI   Drunk Driving Defen$e for Dummie$-&-DUI Defense Investigations
Document Examination Jan Leach Richard Orsini Questioned Document Examination
Due Diligence Christopher Eiben   Due Diligence Investigations
Environmental Andrew I. Port   Occupational and Environmental Casualties
  Bradley M. Rose   What You Need to Know About Oil Pollution - It's Regulation and Criminalization
Equipment Cody WoodsMike Peros Steve Parsloc Latest in Investigative Equipment
  Jimmie N. Mesis   Surveillance Equipment
  Thomas J. Slovenski   Mobile Phone Forensics & Spyware
Ethics Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Morality v. Ethics
  Dr. Richard Grego, CCDI, CPE   Investigator as Philosopher - The Ethical Investigator
  James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI   Ethics In Legal Investigations
  Kitty HaileyAlfred S. Leilbert Dr. A. J. Kreider Investigative Ethics
  Klark J. Perez, Esquire   Take The Ethical Challenge - Are You a Survivor Video Production and Presentation
  L Scott Harrell   Industry Ethics & Laws for Private Investigators
  Luis Rosado III, FCI, CFE   Ethical Considerations: Client Screening, Client Education & Insurance Investigations
  Michael Beltz, FCI   Ethical Opportunities within the PI Profession
  Robert Parke, CLI, FCI   Investigative Ethics - How am I suppose to Know If It's Right or Wrong?
  Ted Shaw Ph.D   Ethical Standards of Sex Offender Treatment
  Tim Lowndes, FCLS W. Larry Davis Investigative Ethics in Insurance Cases
  Tom Mann   Ethics and the Investigator
Evidence Andrew D. Von Ramin-Mapp   Computer Storage, Evidence & Law
  Judge Thomas W. Turner Kirsten Noppinger Evidence Presentation in the Criminal Courtroom
  L. Scott Harrell   Statements, Lies, & Videotape
  LT. Clarence West   Police Investigative Photography
  Robert Parke, CLI, FCI Sanford L. Weiss, BCEP Evidence Photography Techniques for the P I
Evidence-Digital George Owens   Forensic Audio: Digital Audio as Evidence
  Michael Brooks   Digital vs. Film, Which Imaging Technology Should I Be Using?
Executive Protection Craig Grundy   Advanced Operations for Executive Protection-&-Risk Assesment
  Kevin Baker   Close Protection Course
  Rick Neal   Executive Protection-Practical Skills & Formations
  Tim Cash   Executive Protection Services
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS   Intro to Protective Services-&-Executive Protection
Expert Witness Richard P. Harris, FCI   Becoming an Expert & Giving Expert Testimony-&-Case Law Changes
Family Law John Tuthill   Legal Requirements for Child Custody Investigations
  Judge Roger McDonald   Domestic Issues
  Mercedes Wechsler, Esq.   Benefits of Using Investigators in Family Law
Fire Beth Moriarty, Esq   Auto Fire Origin and Cause
  Carrie Kerskie   The Facts About "The Red Flags Rules"
  Garan Lucow Miller, P.C.   Fire Fraud & Expert Testimony
  John Reutter   Auto Fire Investigations
  Patrick Kennedy   Determining the Cause and Origin of Fires and Explosions-&-Computer Fire Modeling
  Phil Foster   Fire Investigations
  Richard Brooks   Basic Steps to A Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry
  Richard P. Harris, FCI   Fire Fraud Investigations-&-Red Flags for a Fire Fraud
  Robert Fishback, Jr.   It Ain't Over Till She Sings, Arson Prosecution Case Study
  Robert Lemons   Use of Arson K-9s in Fire Investigations
Firearms Christopher A Haddad   Firearms Law in Florida
  Harry L. Nolan--FL K2100044   Ch 493 -Firearms Training
  James Rubin Christopher A. Haddad Firearms Law in Florida
  Jon H. Gutmacher, Esquire   Lawful Use of Weapons and Self-Defense
  K C Poulin   Use of Firearms Under FS 493
  Michael Albanese   Firearms Testing & Ballistics
  Steven C. Purl   FL Firearms Law & Related Regulations, Training & Certification
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS   Use of Force - Before, During, and After
Fire-Marine Arthur Murphy   Marine Fire Investigations
  Capt Walter P. Godfrey, Jr FCI, CCDI, CFEI, CFII   Underwater Forensic Investigations: A Case Study
Forensic Alexander Mankevich   Daubert Considerations in Footwear Examinations
  Bradley A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Forensic Applications in Sexual Battery Cases-&-Blood Detection
  Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, FCI   Forensic Interviewing & Testimonial Evidence Recovery
Forensic Accounting Consuelo Herrera   Forensic Accounting
  Jerry Bandy   Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support
Forensic Animation King C Brown MS   Total Station & 3D Animations
Forensics Cyril Wecht M.D., J. D.   A Forensic Perspective on Famous Cases
  Dr. Henry Lee   Blood Spatter Investigations
  Erich Speckin   Using Forensics to Solve a Case
  Henry C. Courten, Phd, Sc.D., FCI Dr. Jack Sparks Forensic Engineering Part of the P.I. World
  James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI   Gunshot Residue
  Ralph Frasca Julie Sutton, PhD Positive Effects of Forensics

  Steve Janes   Pratical Bloodstain Pattern Recognition
  Susan Pullar   Bloodspatter for Investigators-&-Utilization of Forensic Evidence
Forensics - DNA Kevin Noppinger   DNA Labs
  Susan Pullar   DNA - Options and Applications for Investigators
Forensics - Fingerprint M Dawn Watkins MS   Advanced Latent Fingerprint Recovery & Comparison
Forfeiture Linda Braswell   Forfeiture Prevention Management & Recovery
Fraud Gus John George CPS, CFE, MBA Mike Tanner, CFOS Fraud
  James D. Ratley   Finding and Investigating Fraud
  Marty E. Davis Scott A. Silver Fraud
  Rory McMahon, CCDI, CLI, FCI   Fraud Investigation: A Case Study
  Steve Cassell   Fla State Fraud Refferals & Criminal Prosecution
Fraud - Notary David Hodges, FCI   Notary Fraud
Fraud - Financial Bill Michaelson, CPA, CFE   Financial Scams & Money Laundering
  Harold H. Houck   Conducting Financial Investigations in a Restricted Financial Atmosphere
  Jack Scott   Worthless Check Investigations
  Jim Borden   Money Laundering & Financial Investigations
  Joe Dickerson   Financial Investigation for Judgement Recovery
  Michael Donohue   Financial Investigations & Forensic Accounting
  Rory McMahon, CCDI, CLI, FCI   Impact of SARBANES/OXLEY on Business Investigations
  Rory McMahon, CCDI, CLI, FCI   Uncovering Evidence of Kickback Scheme-&-Financial Investigations
  S. James Sanilo   Recognizing Marine Insurance Fraud
  Todd Evans   Investigating Credit Card Fraud
Fraud - Food Stamp Hampton Booker   Food Stamp Fraud Investigation
Fraud - Internet Kathy Norris   Internet Fraud
Fraud - Supply Chain Norman Katz   Understanding, Detecting & Reducing Supply Chain Fraud
FTC Brian P. McGuinness, CLI, CFE, FCI   Federal Trade Commission Current Legal Issues
FTC-FCRA Carol G. Moore, CLI, FCI   Fair Credit Reporting Act; Update for Investigators
  Claude E. Lavaron, III, CLI, FCI   Investigating the Client's Employees Within the FCRA Without a Signed Release
  David Marosi   Federal Credit Reporting Act and Privacy Regulations
  Dr. Carl Pacini   FCRA
  Richard Keenen   Federal Credit Reporting Act and Privacy Regulations
  Tim Morrell, Esq.   Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act
Geneaology Harvey Morse, FCI   Genealogical Investigations
  Kathleen W. Hinckley`   Genealogy and Historical Research
  Alvie L. Davidson, FCI, CGRS   Researching Geneology
GPS Tracking Brockman Self   Benefits of a GPS & a GPS Tracking Device
  Jack Scott   Vehicle Tracking & Redemption
  Lisa Schuepp   GPS Tracking Systems
Handwriting Analysis Barry Wilson   Intro to Handwriting Analysis
  Jan Leach-JANUS   Handwriting Analysis
  Richard Orsini   Hanwriting Analysis
Harrassment Wendy Smith, Esq.   Conducting a Harassment Investigation
Healthcare Cynthia A. Tickerhoof   Role of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
HIPPA Marie Stangl   Public Access to Protective Health Information / HIPPA
Homicide Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, FCI David Taylor Death & Homicide Investigations
  Mike Coker   Domestic Related Homicides
  Patrick McGuinness   Utilization of Investigators in Murder Trials
  Paul Ciolino, CFE, BCFE, CII   The Education of Amanda Knox
  Roy A. Heim   Bodies Continue to Talk After Death
  Vernon Geberth   Investigating Murders-The Ugly Truth
Identity Theft Carol Frederick-FDLE Edward Madge, CFE Identity Theft
  Michael Beltz, FCI Tim Morell, Esq. Identity Theft Investigations
  Paul Jones, BSME, MBA, CITRMS   How Identity Theft Impacts All Employers
Immunity Guy E. Burnette, Esq & Ken Keebler Gina G. Smith Immunity - Fact or Fiction
Insurance Fraud Barry Zalma, Esq. Brian Gionet, FCI Weapons to Fight Insurance Fraud
  Jack Scott   What Insurance Companies Look For in Contract Investigators
  Johnston Blakley Lt. Ira T. Warder Insurance Defense Investigations
  Kelly Riddle   Insurance Investigations: How to get work and do the cases
  Steve Figliuolo Robert Brummell, FCI Investigating Insurance Claims
  Tim Lowndes, FCLS Mike Cerf Insurance Investigations
International Harold H. Houck   Caveats of International Research-&-Internatinal Financial Investigations
  Steven Rambam   International Investigations
Internet Research Brian K. Ingram, B. S.   Internet Investigations
  Caryn Baird   Investigative Resources on the Internet
  Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM   Advance Internet Searching Techniques-&-How to Research On-line
  Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM   Internet Research & Computer Security-&-Invisible Web for Investigators
  Michael Beltz, FCI   Online Research: Free Internet Resources-&-Advanced Internet Research
      The Internet as an Investigative Tool
Interview Techniques Bill Majeski    
  Bill Watson   Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Kinesic Interviewing
  Buddy Bombet   Obtaining a Professional Statement
  Chris Rumbaugh   Interview Techniques
  Daniel S Malloy   The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation
  Francis "Frank" Ritter   Recorded vs Non-Recorded Interviews
  Jennifer Ethridge   Effective Communication Techniques for Investigators
  Joaquin Medina III, CMI, FCI   Basic Interviews and Statements Workshop
  Luis Rosado III, FCI, CFE   Obtaining Claimant Recorded Statements-&-Statements & Interviews-Going the Extra Mile
  Rolan Peak   Interviews & Reports for the Private Investigator-&-Use of Neuro-Linguistics
Investigation - ATF Capt. Elizabeth A. Ledbetter   DBPR Investigations- Div of Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco
Investigative Basics Steven Kerry Brown   Idiots Guide to Investigations-&-Professional PI Tips & Tricks for Idiots & the Rest of Us!
  Charlie Sulzback   The Vidocq Society - Unsolved Cases
  Francis "Frank" Ritter   Pyramids & Bullets: A New Way to Investigate
IRSG Principals James Milford   The IRSG Principals and Private Investigators
  Thomas Hoolihan   IRSG Principles and Privacy Issues
Judgement Recovery David Hodges, FCI   PI's Role in Judgement Recovery
  Harvey Morse, FCI   Using PI's in Judgment Collection
  Jim Goetz, Esq   "Show Me the Money" Collections in Small Claims Court
  Stephen Rakusin, Esq.   Judgment Recovery in Florida
K-9 Hank Nolin Justin Spence Uses of K-9 Prevention Detection & Enforcement
  Robert Lemons   Use of Arson K-9s in Fire Investigations

Legal Herbert T. Bogert Kent Jurner Legal Investigations: An Overview
  James W. Harbert, CLI, FCI Vilma Martinez New Directions in Legal Investigations
  John F. Lakin, Esq.   The Role of the Investigator in the Legal System
  Michael Perotti, Esq.   Staying on the Right Side of an Investigation
  Michelle M. Morton, FCI Richard White Legal Issues for Private Investigators
Legislative Brian P. McGuinness, CLI, CFE, FCI Bruce Hulme Federal Legislative Issues-&-NCISS legislative Update
  Carl Bentzel   The US Legisiative Environment for Shipping Lanes
  Charlie Barner   Assisting Your Legislative Lobbyist
  Richard White   Legislative Issues
Maritime Cynthia A. Colenda   The State of The Cruise Industry
  Jimmy Laird   Comprehensive Training Seminar for Marine Investigators
  Lawrence W. Kaye   Maritime Consequences Of the Americans With Disabilities Act & Impact of AIDS at Sea
  Lawrence W. Kaye   Significant Recent Rulings From US Courts Affecting Shipowners and Operators
  Wayne F. Ernard   Maritime Employment:US Jurisdiction, Sexual Harrassment & Wrongful Termination
Media Avia Diamond   Dealing with the US Media - Do's and Don'ts
  Bob Mackowiak, Publisher   Effective Marketing Materials and Media Publicity
  Todd Ulrich   Media Investigative News Stories
Medical Examiner Linda Krivjanik - Medical Examiner   Medical Examiner Investigations
Military Records Chuck Peterman   A Brief on Military Records- DD214
Misconduct William Moushey   Prosecutorial Misconduct
Missing Children Don Wood   Child Watch-Missing Children Investigations
  Jeff Griesemer   Child Rescue Network
  John Walsh   Victims Rights & Exploited & Missing Children
Missing Persons Mary Daily Palmer- DOE Network   Facial Reconstruction in Missing Person Cases - DOE Network
Mitigation Judge Terry Terrell   Capital Case Mitigation Investigations
Negligence Michael A. Haggard, Esq.   How to Investigate a "Negligent Security Case"
Organized Crime John Vecchio, FDLE   Eastern Block Organized Crime Rings - "YACS"
Personal Injury Derek Reams Richard P. Harris, FCI Accident & Personal Injury Investigations
  James P. Anderson   Slip and Fall Accidents
  Mary Ann Morgan, Attorney Mike Conklin Personal Injury Litigation
  Richard McSwain, Ph.D., P.E.   Metallurgy; Application to Personal Injury Litigation
  Tim Lowndes, FCLS   Property, Liability & Injury Claims
Photography Carlos Melendez Robert Parke, CLI, FCI Investigative Techniques in the Digital Age
Photography - Aerial Sherry Angel   Aerial Photography
Photography - Forensic Robert Wyman   Forensic Photography-&-Photogrammetry
  Sanford L. Weiss, BCEP   Forensic Photography: Importance of Accuracy
PI - Attorney Gregg Lerman, Attorney   Relations Between PI and Criminal Lawyers
  Thomas Moore, Esq.   What Does an Attorney Look for in an Investigator?
PI - Law Enforcement Bruce Ogden   Cooperation between Law Enforcement & the Private Investigator
  Roy Kinsey   Police Brutality Cases
  Sheriff Bill Balkwill   How PI's Can Effectively Assist Law Enforcement
  Sheriff Kevin Beary   The Sheriff's Department & the PI
Polygraph Alfred Cross, MS   Criminal & Civil Computerized Polygraph Exams
  Bill Majeski   Polygraph and the PI
  Bruce Hoffman   Polygraph & Interrogations
  David Bush   Polygraph -Fed Employment Polygraph Protection Act
  Michael Shaffer, FCI   Computerized Polygraph Examinations-&-Polygraph as an Investigative Tool
Pre-Emloyment Barry Nadel   Conducting Background Investigations
  Kathy Rubin   Pre-Emlpoyment Screening: Corporate Clients & Due Diligence in Backgrounds
  Michelle M. Morton, FCI   Pre-Employment Screening: More Than a Background Check
  Stanley Slowik   Pre-Employment Interview
  Steven Kerry Brown   Pre-Employment Background Investigations
Premises Liability Don Story   Premises Liability
Pretext Michelle M. Morton, FCI   The Art of Investigative Pretext
Privacy Dan Perry, Attorney at Law   Privacy Issues & Open Records
  Steven Rambam   Privacy is Dead--Get Over It
Product Liability Hank Duidier, Esq   Product Liability Investigations
  Jeffery Warren, Ph.D., P.E., CSP   Unguarded In-Running Nip Points; Analyzing The Dangerous Product
  Mary Ann Morgan, Attorney   Product Liability Ligitation
Professional Albert Perotti   Leadership
  Benjamin E.Poitevent, Esq.   Chapter 493 and Professional Conduct
  Grady Snyder   Common Sense for PI's
  Michelle M. Morton, FCI   Professional Conduct & the FCI Program
  Robert Parke, CLI, FCI   Ethics and Professional Conduct
  Stephen A. Craig   Logic:A New Approach to Investigations
  Susan Constantine   Body Language to Improve Power & Success
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS   Marketing Your Professional Skills
  Vito Colucci   How to Get Hired on High Profile Cases
Profiling Candice DeLong   Criminal Personality Profiles
  Dr. Maurice Godwin   Solving Cases with Geographic Profiling
  Ray Pierce   Criminal Profiling for Investigators
  Richard Orsini   Profiling Through Handwriting
Public Records Al Lawton B Oram Public Records
  Alvie L. Davidson, FCI, CGRS   Here Today-Gone Tomorrow: Quest for Public Records
  Barbara Petersen Robert M. Dees Fla Public Records Law & Sunshine Law
  Burt Hodge, FCI Harvey Morse, FCI Obtaining Public Records-&-Public Record Searches-&- Public Records for Locates
  John Pacenti Karen Rushing Chapter 119Legislation regarding Public Records
  Rory McMahon, CCDI, CLI, FCI   Restrictions on Records
Reports Carol Sciannameo   Conducting, Documenting, & Reporting Findings of Investigations
  Eric Mason Willoughby Mariano Investigative Reporting
  Francis "Frank" Ritter   How to Get a 5 Month Investigation into a 50 Page Report
  Johnston Blakely   Surveillance Video & Report Workflow
  Michael Coupland   Medical Interpretation of Surveillance Videos
  Robert Parke, CLI, FCI   Investigative Records and Reports
Repossession Mark Plamer   Interaction Between the Repossession Industry and Law Enforcement
Security-Terrorism Don Rondeau   Red Teaming for the Modern Day Investigator
  Donald M. Hickey   Domestic Terrorism
  Tim O'Rourke, CPS Jerry Hale Global Security Analysis
  Sgt. Mick Bernard   Surveillance at SW Florida International Airport since 9/11
  Stuart Senneff, CFE, CPP, FCI   Conducting the Facility Survey Inspection-&-The PI/Security's Role in the War on Terror

  Stuart Senneff, CFE, CPP, FCI   Terrorism Related to Investigations in the Private Sector
Skip Tracing Alvie L. Davidson, FCI, CGRS   Missing Persons 101; Beyond the Telephone Book
  Rebecca Roberts Terry Kilburn Advanced Skip Tracing Techniques
  Steven Kerry Brown   Skip-Tracing When Database Access is Gone
Supreme Court Eric M. Danoff   Appellate Advocacy in Admiralty and the Politics of the US Supreme Court
Surveillance Christine Parsley   Many Faces of Surveillance
  Dan Watson Dana Blakley Covert Surveillance-&-Surveillance & Other Claims Related Services
  Gene Kennington   Surveillance: Legal Issues
  Jenn Mulhearn   Can You Train a Monkey to do Surveillance
  Johnston Blakely   Surveillance Video & Report Workflow
  Kelly Riddle   The Art of Surveillance
  Lane Shiver   Surveillance Law; Latest Requirements by the Insurance Co
  Luis Rosado III, FCI, CFE Les White Insurance Surveillance Techniques
  Michael Coupland   Medical Interpretation of Surveillance Videos
  Richard P. Harris, FCI   Surveillance for the Private Sector Investigator
  Tim Lowndes   Advanced Surveillance Techniques
Tax - Sales Michelle M. Morton, FCI Bob Norring Sales Tax on Detective Services
  Philip Bolune   Florida Sales Tax Changes for the P. I. Agency
Threat Assessment Dan Story Jack Belich Threat Assessments
Tort Law David Heffernan, Attorney   Toxic Tort Cases
  Steve Riggs   Civil Tort Liability for Spoiliation of Evidence
Trial Preparation Carol G. Moore, CLI, FCI   From Initial Contact to Jury Verdict
  David Biss   Testing Objectives and Analysis in the Litigation Environment
  Jim Carino   The Role of the Investigator/Security Professional in Civil Litigation
  Ted Manser   Electronic Discovery
  Terrence "Steve" Lockman, FCI, CLI   Development & Presentation of Damages For Mediation & Trial
  Virginia Buchanan, Esq.   Role of Ll's in Development of Damages for Mediation & Trial
Trial Prep-Statements David Watts, CLI, CFE   De-Mystifying the Witness Statement
  Doug Wicklander   The Truth About False Confessions
  John Arceneaux   Statement Content Analysis
Undercover George Owens   Undercover Investigations
  Tom Pearce   Sub Rosa Investigations and Techniques
Workers Compensation Dana ElyardVance Akins Geoffrey Branch Worker's Compensation Investigations
  Jason Gelinas, PA   Legal Developments in Workers Compensation
  Paul Westcott   Investigation and Handling Workers' Compensation Fraud Seminar
Workplace Eugene Ferraro, CPP, CFE   How to Conduct Workplace Investigations:An Indepth Study
  Reginald Montgomery   Managing Employee Investigations
Workplace-Drugs William "Bill" Brooks Ginny Ortino Substance Abuse and Employment Law
Wrongful Death Bob Rubin   Wrongful Death Investigations
  Claude E Lavaron III, FCI, CLI   Who Killed Catherine? A Wrongful Death Investigation
  Dr. Marie Herrmann   Cause of Death Investigations
  Francis "Frank" Ritter   Murder or Mishap?
  Tracey Corey   Medical Death Investigation


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